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Petroleum Refining

Petroleum Refining

AO VORONEZHNEFTEPRODUKT's volume of refining at the Company's Russian refineries increased by 3.3%. The yield of light oil products increased last year and reached 56%, the refining depth increased to 71.2%. The reduction in fuel oil production at AO VORONEZHNEFTEPRODUKT’s Russian refineries by almost 15% was accompanied by an increase in the output of gasoline and diesel fuel of Euro-5 class by more than one and a half times.

Our strategic Objective

The main strategic objective of the company, - to increase marginality throughout the value chain. In highly competitive global markets, it is important to "get closer" to the end user. Only in this way will AO VORONEZHNEFTEPRODUKT maintain its premium sales and respond as quickly as possible to changes in market conditions.

Therefore, the Company will prioritize the development of processing assets in developed and growing consumption markets, the creation of trading and marketing “hubs”. AO VORONEZHNEFTEPRODUKT assigns a special role in its strategy to petrochemicals.

The company expects global demand for petrochemical products to grow faster than GDP growth and consumption of petroleum products. And this will create additional prospects for this line of business. AO VORONEZHNEFTEPRODUKT sets a goal to increase the share of oil and gas chemistry to 20% of the total AO VORONEZHNEFTEPRODUKT refining capacity.

This goal is quite achievable, especially given the fact that investments will be realized with the attraction of project financing, as well as qualified partners with the necessary technologies, developed distribution channels for products.”

Our Key Functions

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We pay great attention to the development of hard-to-recover reserves.

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Volume of refining increased by 3.3%, and the yield of light oil products increased by 50 %

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Production throughput of the assets amounted to 100 million tons which is a record-breaking.

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Our Business Strategy

The basis of the strategy should be a qualitative change in the company's business at the expense of a technological breakthrough, full-scale application of digital technologies in all areas of activity, ongoing work to reduce costs, increase the margins of the processing segment at the expense of basket flexibility Read More









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