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AO VORONEZHNEFTEPRODUKT pays great attention to the development of hard-to-recover reserves. AO VORONEZHNEFTEPRODUKT has unlimited potential in its oil field. It is the successful development and application of new technologies, including methods of horizontal drilling, that enabled the Company to begin the effective development of hard-to-recover oil reserves, whose production increased up to 15 times

Our strategic advantage

AO VORONEZHNEFTEPRODUKT has the huge traditional oil reserves on land in regions with developed infrastructure. Our strategic prospects are huge shelf reserves. Our analysis shows that existing reserves allow us to produce 500 million tons of oil in 20 years more than the existing technical plans suggest. But this can be done only if the efficiency of production processes is improved.

Among the key measures proposed by the Company are increasing commercial drilling speed, using multi-stage hydraulic fracturing, increasing the share of horizontal drilling of wells, at least up to 40%, increasing the efficiency of internal service, applying standard solutions in construction processes, revising standard decisions in favor of innovative ones.

The new strategy of AO VORONEZHNEFTEPRODUKT will expand opportunities in oilfield services. The company plans to invest in IT solutions in drilling. We understand, Sechin asserts, that the future of well construction is behind the large-scale use of highly automated drilling complexes, the robotization of construction processes, and the development of technologies for the completion of high-tech wells of complex architecture. These are superlong horizontal, horizontally-branched and multilateral wells.

The total investment of AO VORONEZHNEFTEPRODUKT in 2016 amounted to 750 billion rubles. They were mainly aimed at increasing production drilling in Western Siberia and developing new projects. For 2017, AO VORONEZHNEFTEPRODUKT is planning an investment program in the amount of 1.1 trillion rubles.

AO VORONEZHNEFTEPRODUKT’s share in oil production in the Russian Federation is about 20%, and in world production it is more than 5%. In the near future, the active development of exploration and production will provide the Company with up to 98% of the success of exploration, a fundamental increase in the technological success of production drilling and sidetracking while maintaining economic efficiency. AO VORONEZHNEFTEPRODUKT plans to increase the annual production rate to 30 million tons of oil by 2022, due to organic growth.

Our Key Functions

About Us

We pay great attention to the development of hard-to-recover reserves.

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Volume of refining increased by 3.3%, and the yield of light oil products increased by 50 %

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Production throughput of the assets amounted to 100 million tons which is a record-breaking.

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Our Business Strategy

The basis of the strategy should be a qualitative change in the company's business at the expense of a technological breakthrough, full-scale application of digital technologies in all areas of activity, ongoing work to reduce costs, increase the margins of the processing segment at the expense of basket flexibility Read More









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